I’m Vanessa –

a (mainly) self-taught jack-of-all-trades artist, with a philosophy degree.

I like to travel – and have explored a few corners of the earth..


but I am now based in a small town on Canada’s eastern shore, which has its moments….

Moose Crossing

Between paintings, I peel birch bark and draw on it, dotted by occasional crafting projects (which usually end well).

Some irrelevant facts:

  • I’m a self-employed 20-something, living in a small town
  • No religion, no husband, no children. Not a mantra per se… but for some reason they tend to be a common combo in the blogosphere.
  • Addicted to potatoes and Kinder chocolate
  • I like to listen to Jian‘s interviews and CBC’s The Current while painting, or, if motivation is waning, BBC shows and underrated comedy

I love taking photographs, even when my camera clicks send out “TOURIST” smoke signals.
The name of this blog derives from my two loves: birch trees and the ocean.


Detailed Bio + Portfolio: Vanessa Pesch

Etsy Shop: Dab Of Paint



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