Hiding From Walls of Snow

I’ve been keeping my head between easel and palette, working on a new portrait series…

Portrait Series by Vanessa Pesch | Saltwater Birch Studio

It also perfectly expresses how I feel when I look outside. It’s April, and there are 7 foot high snowdrifts, and streets are lined with meter high snowbanks. Spring is on hiatus in Atlantic Canada. It’s disheartening, though it does make for beautiful photographs.


Snowy Canadian Forest | Saltwater Birch Studio


For a reference point, that shovel is about 3.5 feet high, and there’s a pond hiding somewhere underneath that mountain.


Hence, my hiding away in the studio.  Working is the best excuse to avoid shovelling more snow. Oil paintings by Vanessa Pesch | Salwater Birch Studio

On a different note, it’s been a few weeks now since the opening of my first exhibit, and I’m thankful, though pleasantly surprised, at all the positive comments. I think it helps that the colors are so bright, which is a welcome sight after several months of a grey and white skyline.

Landscape by Vanessa Pesch

A comment I’m starting to hear more frequently, which always sticks out to me, is when strangers recognize my work, not because they’ve met me or even know my name, but because they recognize my style of painting. It’s a good sign that you’re doing something right.



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