Painting Playlist and a Little Motivation

Brushes and Paint | Saltwater Birch Studio

Since I’ve been painting a lot this week, I thought I’d share something a little different – my motivation line-up.

January Painting Playlist

I love music recommendations, but hate that you have to interrupt your painting to keep changing the song, so I made it into a playlist.

And when your brain needs a little food: (each segment is under 30min)

The CurrentBob the Cat: Homeless People & Their Pets. Notable line: “It was almost like caring for your child I suppose, that I had to take care of Bob, and that kind of changed everything about me. I was no longer invisible…” Suddenly people saw you for a person.

Interview with Xavier Dolan (writer + director of Laurence, Anyways). Notable line  “..words can’t define us, or tell us how to be. Only emotions. And behaviours.”

Untitled by Vanessa Pesch | Saltwater Birch Studio

QTV interview with Kevin Smith. Notable line (ok, paragraph – sorry, but it’s just too good to exclude) “The only validation as an artist that you can ever trust is your own, is what you get from yourself, because that’s why you do it. You sit there quietly, I would like to see something that doesn’t exist. And you start this journey to get there and make it happen, and to realize that to see it, that’s what matters, it’s not how much money it makes. … I watched movies and watched TV, and finally got to a point of like, Why them? Why not me? Sooner or later, somebody’s gotta start somewhere, and if you start on your own and create something that you want to say, that’s what people are interested in. Everyone’s currency is their own voice.”

Untitled by Vanessa Pesch | Saltwater Birch Studio

The Current: Why Scarcity Shapes Our Lives In Profound Ways. “Scarcity is feeling like you just don’t have enough of the things you feel you need. It could be in food, friends, time, or very often, money.” Notable idea: “we have very limited bandwidth, or limited capacity, at any moment to juggle things we are aware of and thinking about.” So when people spend so much of their focus on juggling their finances, there is just less mind left for other things and they start making errors in things that matter (ex. taking out a high interest loan). It also mentions a psychological study that showed the cognitive effect of low income earners when thinking about a financial scenario (where a car repair costs $1500 instead of a more manageable $150) is a loss of 13 IQ points. 13 IQ points is “enough to take you from average to borderline gifted, or if you go down, from average to borderline deficient. It’s a big effect” (which, interestingly, is also the same drop in IQ when you pull an all-nighter).



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