The Dino-back Snowman and a Labradoodle

The earth continues to engulf us in white – the sky, and the ground are both white like fresh canvases, and shades of grey in between. It’s like a reverse, stale oreo cookie. And it’s quite pretty, even as it turns smiling into a tortuous activity. Nothing quite like -25˚C weather to remind you that you’ve got nerves under that enamel. 

Snowy scenes |Saltwater Birch Studio

Between the shovelling, and shivering, I did manage to squeeze in some artwork. 

Dog Sketch  | Saltwater Birch Studio

Labradoodle | Saltwater Birch Studio

Labradoodle on 5″x7″ watercolor paper

This one was quite fun to do – mainly because of the mane.  I’ve drawn other types of dogs before (like the pug below), but this was the first that had both straight and wavy locks, which took a bit more planning.

Pug Illustration | Saltwater Birch Studio

Pug illustration on 5″x7″ watercolor paper

Well, the holiday is looming closer and closer, and while some may take the time to prepare recipes, label presents, and finish decorating, I, instead, did what any serial procrastinator would do: build a snowman.

Snowman | Saltwater Birch Studio

I’ll admit, it’s….quite lopsided. Not sure how I didn’t see that mysterious lump; maybe the falling snowflakes skewed my vision?

I wish I could say it’s just a bad angle….except from the back, it morphs into a dragon/dinosaur.

Snowman | Saltwater Birch Studio

Its only redeeming quality: built to last. One week in, and no signs of melting, or further disfigurement. While I could have done more productive things than build a mediocre snowman – what’s life without some lopsided fun?

On The Easel | Saltwater Birch StudioStay tuned for next week, where I’ll reveal the other side of this 4 foot canvas!



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