Cadmium & Dull Ochre

Autumn Leaves

I would love to chase autumn around the world. An autumn tour of the world. Though fall moves at a quick pace – it may end up as a 20-countries-in-10-days-run-run-run! type of tour.

So, before the last color-soaked droplets fall, here are some of my favorite shots of this elusive season:

(in and around) New Brunswick


Like most of eastern Canada, everywhere you look there are trees, trees, and more trees. It can make driving long distances boring – except in autumn – when vibrant foliage lights up the otherwise mossy landscape. (Incidentally, getting from Point A to B will take slightly longer..unless my camera batteries run out of juice…which has been known to happen on more than one occasion).

(somewhere in) Korea


Fall may be fleeting, but there’s something beautiful in experiencing moments that won’t last. That remain only in the dusty corners of your mind. (Unless you’re a trigger-happy photographer…on a wholly unrelated note, I’ve been meaning to express my thanks for the life-saving invention of external hard-drives!).



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