Don’t Step On The Carcass

BeachcombingSummer sundays are designated beach combing days. Though “beach combing” doesn’t do it justice – it’s more like “salty breeze adventures with washed up treasures”.

Sand and grass

It’s a nice way to spend the morning – treasure hunting for the perfectly gnarled, twisty driftwood, while stockpiling the vitamin D (hibernation is just around the corner).

However, I learned you should watch where you’re going, even while walking along the pristine beach. As I came within an inch of trotting on a rotting bird carcass. Damn that indiscriminate ocean! Why can’t it just wash up beautiful things, and leave the rest at sea?

So, my driftwood-seeking eyes started looking where I was going…


Today’s crops

…and today became a successful harvest, with lots of oddly shaped bark-less finds, and I can’t wait to show you what I have planned for my loot! 

hint: it involves driftwood and lots of skunky smelling glue.



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